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We are a furniture design and production company with showroom in Hong Kong and 10000 square meters streamline production factory in Shenzhen. Our company is run by a group of passionate HKUST graduates with the goal of making the process of furniture design easy for Hong Kong families using innovative IT solutions and modern process optimization strategies. Our target customer is middle- and upper-class Hong Kong families. While our company established in 2017, we obtained continuous market recognition. With team-effort, our sales double every year and reach more than 10m at 2020. We are confident to keep this momentum in 2021 and ultimately become a true brand in the heart of every Hong Kong people.

If you are an investor looking for investment opportunity and interested in our revolutionary furniture production business, we welcome you to join us by sending your intention to info@hohomehk.com. Or you are talented in specialized areas and believed that your expertise will be able to help use grow, please send your intention to info@hohomehk.com too. If you are company thinking there may be areas we can collaborate, please do let us know. Thanks!


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