Create a Cat-friendly Living Space

Cats and dogs are the best friends of many urbanites, whether it is a bachelor, just a couple, or a large family with children, pets at home will make the environment warm and lively. Most puppies love to be clingy, and they need to have a lot of time playing with their owners. If the whole family works at the office full time, then deducting the time to go to work and sleep, there is very little time left to spend with puppies every day. So, some of these people choose to keep cats instead. Cats are more independent than dogs, so by contrast, the stress of keeping cats for office workers may be reduced.

While it's not possible to accompany your cat 24/7, creating a friendly living space for them can keep them comfortable. In addition to buying ready-made pet supplies, you can actually reserve a dedicated space when ordering custom-made furniture. This will allow your cats to feel like they have enough places to hide and explore.


Choose Waterproof, Scratch-resistant Boards

When you go to a home with cats, you will inevitably find that the furniture has been scratched. If you don’t want the whole house to look old and beat-up because of scratches, your furniture should be made with scratch-resistant materials. For example, Holetto uses solid-core plywood, the surface is processed by a machine, and the scratch-resistance is excellent. No matter how the cat scratches, it will not be easily scratched. It will look brand new for many years to come!

The solid-core plywood also has waterproof properties. If the cat accidentally gets wet when going to the toilet or drinking water, there is no need to worry that the furniture will be deformed by moisture. This will allow the owner and cat to live more comfortably.


Create a Small Door for Cats

Even if people and pets live in the same home, the habits and lifestyle are very different. Cats don't know how to open large doors by themselves, so, instead, create a small door or opening for cats on the bottom of the door or cabinet door, so that cats can move around the house smoothly. Adding a circular cutout shape to the cabinet door can add depth and style. You can turn one of the cabinets into a place for cats to sleep and rest.

The cat litter box will inevitably give off some unwanted smells in your house. Some owners who love to clean up will put it in the cabinet, so they are not afraid of accidentally tripping over the cat litter box when walking. This can also prevent cats from being shy or disturbed when they relieve themselves. It can also prevent the odor from being released into your whole house, which provides a better option for cleaning.

Of course, the size of the opening depends on how big your pet is. You can discuss all the details with the designer during the ordering process.

Use Shelves to Make a Catwalk

Cats love vertical spaces. They often jump to the top of furniture to enjoy the sense of a view from on high. If you don’t want to waste too much floor space on cat towers, you can use bookcases or shelves to become your cat’s personal jumping platforms. Adjust the height and distance of the shelf according to the cat's jumping habits. This allows the cat to walk safely and freely on the high platforms. There's no longer any need to worry about them hurting themselves by jumping down to the ground.

Use the Windowsill as a Cat Resting Area

In addition to jumping high, cats also like to lie by the window in the afternoon to bask in the sun. The material of the windowsill is usually a cold stone. However, if you want the cat to lie down comfortably in all seasons, you can order a window sill cabinet or a windowsill bed. You could also raise the floor to the height of the windowsill to provide a larger and more comfortable platform space for you and your cat. It will for sure enjoy the space for an afternoon nap!

Each pet has its own personality and habits, so it is difficult for ready-made furniture to be completely pet friendly. Only through good customized furniture can the owner create an amazing space for their pets. You can help them to live nice and comfortably. Holetto's one-stop custom furniture service can tailor a home for customers and their pets alike.

If you want to create a comfortable, livable space, feel free to contact our designers at any time!



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