20 Must-See Transforming Furniture in 2022

Transforming Furniture

With the constant population growth, the size of residential units in major cities around the world is getting smaller and smaller. Hong Kong is a classic example. It has a small land area and many people, all packed into a limited space. Whether it is a newly completed private building or a rental-style house, the use of multi-functional transforming furniture is becoming more and more important. In the design of small rooms in Hong Kong, the design of space-saving is a primary focus. One piece of furniture can and should multiple functions. It should adapt to the space it occupies and reduce the footprint during times when it's not being used.  We, Holetto, will use an article format to introduce the most practical and distinctive multi-functional furniture. This will tell you what kinds of furniture are useful. What is the cost of these types of furniture in Hong Kong? And are they worth purchasing?

If you want to work, you need a desk, if you want to sleep, you need a bed, and if you want to store things, you need a cabinet.  However, the current apartment buildings are getting smaller and smaller, and so many families are crowded into a small living space. The extra space needed for other activities is probably not enough. With a multi-functional piece of transforming furniture, you can arrange the space in the way you need it, all in just one step. You can improve the efficiency of the space without the need for any laborious actions. Come and take a look!

What is a multifunctional transforming bed?

The multifunctional transforming bed/Murphy bed  can be regarded as one of the most common pieces of transforming furniture in Hong Kong. There are all kinds of styles, transforming single bed, transforming double bed, transforming bunk bed, desk bed, transforming table bed, transforming wardrobe bed etc. The multi-functional transformable bed mostly uses the style  of a “reversible bed.” When not in use, the bed is stored upright, and then turned and brought down when in use. Such a compact design is extremely practical in small units. Many multi-functional transformable beds also have storage options as well. Are transforming beds any good? What things should I pay attention to when purchasing one? Let us explain all you need to know. 

Trundle Bed

The trundle bed is a very basic form of a transformable bed. During the daytime, one of the mattresses is stored under the bed body to reduce the amount of occupied floor space. The bottom bed gets pulled out during the nighttime, allowing more people to have a bed to sleep on. 

Transforming Sofa Bed

It is a sofa during the day, while at night, push down the back of the sofa before going to bed, and it easily turns into a usable bed. A comfortable, big bed is available immediately. We believe that no matter who you are, you can get a great night's sleep. Combining the sofa with the bed, the space can be used as both a living room and a bedroom. The following is our pricing, it will give you an idea of what to expect for cost:

Holetto has different discounts for different occasions. Please contact our sales team at any time for the latest info!
  • 隱形床
  • 隱形床
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Transforming bunk bed

Also known as a convertible bunk bed, this bunk bed may surprise you with the available functionality. It offers a very different solution compared to a traditional transforming bed. In the same floor space as a sofa, you can have 2 levels of functional space. This style really captures the essence of transforming furniture. 

  • 變形碌架床
  • 變形碌架床

Transforming wardrobe bed, bookcase bed, and desk bed

This is a kind of very smart use of multi-functional custom-made furniture. The upper level is a wardrobe, while the lower level is a writing desk if the bed platform is flipped over. When the bed platform is spun over, it will become a single sleeping bed, and you can also reverse it back into a desk in the blink of an eye. This style of furniture can have many different combinations, like a wardrobe, bookcase, or desk. Once this furniture is implemented, you get double the function with only half the space!

  • 變形床
  • 變形床

Murphy bed

The Murphy bed is a type of invisible bed, which hides the mattress behind a wall or another piece of furniture. When not in use, you may not even know that a bed is there. 

  • 變形床
  • 變形床

Check out some transforming furniture

Actually, there are many types of transformable beds that can be custom-made furniture. Below we will show you the options, which should offer you a better understanding of these great furniture solutions. 


Storage bed

The hydraulic storage bed is also one type of transforming bed. The way that the bed platform raises up makes accessing the underneath storage more convenient. The large storage space gives you more peace of mind and keeps all of your belongings safe. 

Holetto specializes in custom-made storage beds
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Hydraulic wardrobe bed

Come and take a look at this super creative transforming bed. It uses hydraulic air supports to lift the bed platform and mattress. The space under the bed is very similar to a cloakroom! The design of the clothing racks and storage spaces allows you to store all your clothing and accessories without having to purchase an additional wardrobe. Just wake up to the morning light, pop the bed up, and choose your favorite outfit… it's just that simple! Is there any solution smarter than this one?

There are many types of multifunctional transforming beds, all with varying prices. It is recommended to pay special attention to the lifting/rotating mechanism of the bed before purchasing. This mechanism is necessary to ensure that the operation is simple and convenient. A good one will provide you with lifelong usage, will not easy to be damaged, and gives you a safety guarantee for peace of mind. With the use of hydraulic piston mechanism, although the price is higher, the use of cushioning and anti-slamming functions provides smoother and safer operation. The advantages of the electric lift design are that it is easy and convenient to control, and it is easy to complete the transformation with just one button.

Transforming furniture creates space by changing the shape. In addition to being space-saving, allowing users to change the mode easily, quickly and conveniently is also an important design point. If each transformation process is time-consuming and laborious, it reduces the overall smoothness. Over time, users may give up on the transforming function, and the multi-functional furniture loses its original purpose. If the user can complete the transformation with little to no effort, then it is a smart transformation. Fortunately, if you are purchasing something new, then these types of furniture often use hydraulic lifts or pulley systems to make the transformation process easier. 

  • 步入式衣帽間+油壓床
  • 步入式衣帽間+油壓床2
Professional custom hydralic bed + walk-in cloakroom

How does the sofa bed save space?

The sofa bed is one of the most widely known multi-functional pieces of transforming furniture. It combines sofa, bed, and sometimes a storage function. Use one piece of furniture to satisfy the needs of the living room and bedroom together, or it can double as the living room and guest room. The sofa bed is a must-have for saving space!

It's a great fit for units with limited space or rooms that are difficult to separate. When relatives or friends visit, if you have a soft and comfortable bed that's usually hidden away, you can easily solve the problem of the guest room. In terms of beds, in addition to the above-mentioned multifunctional transformable beds, the futon/sofa bed is also a piece of transformable furniture with high practical value. 

Transforming Futon / Transforming Sofa Bed

In a small unit, the sofa may be the most commonly used piece of furniture when the residents are enjoying leisure time. The bed is the recharging station for their own rest. The combination of these styles has been progressing for many years. Now their combinations are becoming more and more amazing. Please choose your favorite, most suitable transforming sofa bed!

Transforming bunk bed sofa

A comfortable sofa only needs to be gently lifted, turned, pushed, and then transforms into a bunk bed in the blink of an eye. The space utilization and comfort score very high. It is a highly recommended choice for multi-functional furniture.

How to choose a telescopic dining table?

Common transforming dining tables can be divided into hidden and telescopic. The conversion of the hidden table depends on the “presence” of the table, while the telescopic table depends on the “size” of the table. When selecting, the user can decide which style of dining table to purchase according to the size of the home, the frequency of use, and the general purpose.

We will explain to you the transforming mechanism of the two types of dining tables, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. All types of these dining tables must be cleaned carefully. If garbage or oil gets onto the gears or hinges that are critical for operation, it will easily damage the mechanism. Care must be taken during use in order to extend the mechanism's life.

Hidden Transforming Table

The special characteristic of this is that it can be completely hidden away in the environment or in other furniture when not in use. Whether it is in a large flat or a small apartment, the space can be effectively utilized.

Folding Dining Table

When stored away, it looks like a general kitchen cabinet. This form is beautiful and elegant. It has storage space within. The bottom roller helps to move and straighten the folded table part. Overall, it is really easy to operate.

  • 伸縮餐枱
  • 伸縮餐枱
Holetto specializes in making custom-made telescoping dining tables. Please inquire for more info!

Telescopic Hidden Dining Table

This is a table-top that is hidden in the cabinet parallel to the ground, and can be directly pulled out for use when needed. If it is hidden in the kitchen cabinet, the tabletop is usually not large due to the space limitations. 

The telescopic table can be hidden in all kinds of custom-made cabinetry. If you want to hide one in a certain place, we can help you!

The table-top can be hidden in plain sight. You only need a mechanism to store it and pull it out, and you're good to go! The revolving style is also another great choice. 

Our company chooses high-grade revolving table hardware. The revolving table can be hidden in the hall cabinet, kitchen cabinet or bookcase. Please feel free to inquire and place an order. 

Flip-up hidden dining table

The table-top is fixed to a wall or cabinet by hinges. When you want to use the table, just conveniently lift it up. 

The flip-up table has a variety of uses and can be fixed to a bookcase, wardrobe, or cabinet. You are free to customize the size of the table-top. 

Extendable dining table

The extendable dining table starts in the form of a small dining table before it is extended. Afterwards, the usable area is greatly increased, and the functionality is improved. The advantage is that it is functional even before extension. It can be used as a side table at home. The size of the table can be changed according to different needs, so there is a high degree of freedom with this style. However, one downfall is that the space-saving is not as good as a completely hidden table. 

Some material choices include: hardwood, glass, and marble. The dining table with different materials creates a different atmosphere, and matches the overall interior design of the home, taking into account both the practicality and aesthetics. The design of the extendable table can even alter what the shape of the table is. It could potentially be round or square, depending on the occasion or mood. You can decide the most suitable shape for you and your specific needs. 

Only $3999

How to properly utilize the window sill?

The main concern of the owner of a small unit is to improve the space utilization. The window sill is a battleground for using up all available space.  Options may include: window sill bed frame, window sill desk, window sill rest area, window sill storage space, etc.

If you want to make good use of the window sill space, you can make the window sill a rest area using custom-made furniture. Lean against the well-lit window. The warm sunlight shines on the side of your face and the pages of your book. It is a pleasant, inviting light. Underneath the seating area is storage space, which leaves no space unused. 

Holetto makes custom windowsill beds. We can order tatami mats to fit your size and style. Choose us to create a comfy rest space. 

You may also choose to use a window sill bed frame, in which the frame becomes part of the sill. This option provides extra storage space and still allows for full utilization of the bedroom window sill space. If you choose a desk, it provides you ample work space, but also gives you picture-perfect scenery to enjoy while you work or read. This can help to reduce stress and improve efficiency. 

Holetto specializes in the production of custom-made furniture, and we can definitely help you create a window sill bed, sofa, desk, etc. Using all of our industry knowledge, we will turn an unused space into one you'll never want to leave!

Some coffee table transformations

In small units, or studio apartments, there is often no clear division of space. The living room and dining room are often part of the same space. The table functions as a desk, dining table, and coffee table. However, is just one table sufficient for all your needs? Maybe a transforming table will better serve you!

2 in 1 coffee/dining table
With this transforming coffee table, you can freely adjust the height. It can be lowered for casual settings. Small objects can be easily placed on the coffee table. When raised, it can be used as a dining table or work table. The height is just right so that you can use it perfectly, whether you are working or dining. With a simple action, the coffee table becomes a dining table. 

This style of table is a combination of storage and function. The height can be easily adjusted to fit the setting. The table area can be extended for more people or just a bigger space. The amazing thing is you can store 4 chairs within itself. There is also a small cubby to store a remote or other small electronics. 
  • 變形茶几
  • 變形茶几
  • 變形茶几

What should I pay attention to when ordering transforming furniture?

Customized multi-functional furniture need to be discussed carefully with the designer. The furniture function and mechanism need to be properly combined within the design. The size and material of the custom-made furniture must be determined in advance, so that the most suitable piece can be created.

As an example, Holetto  has been responsible for the renovation of a 410 sq ft house, which specifically used transforming furniture. We took the word, secret, and used it as the main theme of the design. The custom-made transforming cabinet can only be opened through a specific opening sequence. After moving forward and backward, then flipping left and right, the storage cabinets appear in front of you, which is a fun, unique design choice. 

The shoe cabinet can be turned into a small table after being pushed. The kitchen and toilet share sliding door panels to save space. At the end of the corridor, there is a set of decorative cabinets on the wall. Cabinets and doors are combined into the same board, making the best use of every inch of space. This is the true realization of the purpose of  positional space-saving . After entering the master bedroom, there are more mysteries. With a few simple actions, you can pull out the desk, a large mirror, bed, and the bedside cabinet can also be pulled out and made into a desk. Such ingenious ideas can be discussed with the designer during the interior design process. Using the multi-functional transforming home, it creates more practicality, creativity and ingenuity for your living space.

Finally, no matter what kind of transforming home furniture you want to use, be sure to pay attention to the safety. We have compiled a series of items that you need to pay attention to when operating this style of furniture. Those interested in purchasing something like this, please take a look.




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