【Parents: Must See】Bedroom Design for All Growth Stages

Although children are the youngest residents at home, they often receive the most attention. Many parents even say that children are the head of the family, or their “bosses.” The life of the whole family is centered around the children.

Children of all ages will need different living arrangements, storage spaces, and furniture. If you can understand the needs of children at each stage, you should comprehensively plan at the beginning of their lives and choose a plan that can adapt to their growth and change. This way, you can take care of them as good as possible. As children grow and develop, there are more choices for styles and materials.

Children need different things depending on the stage of growth. Plan ahead and choose an adaptable design.

0-5 Years Old—Children's Room

Children under the age of five do not need a separate bedroom during this time. They still need close parental care, but also have more toys for their age. Therefore, parents can first convert the bedroom into a playroom, where they can store a lot of toys. It becomes like the child's secret base.

For children in early childhood, the bedroom should minimize the amount of furniture. It's best to place it against the wall and use rounded corners for safety.

In addition, you can also put a trundle bed or a comfortable sofa in the room. This makes it convenient for parents and children to read and play together.

Children under the age of 5 don't need a separate bedroom. The extra space can be used as a playroom where the child can experience childhood to the fullest!
If your child is under 5 years of age, a separate playroom can help to develop a sense of independence early on.

6 Years Old and Up—Children's Room

Children, who are about to enter the elementary school stage, begin to learn more about independence. Therefore, the original playroom can be turned into a separate bedroom just through a simple repainting, plus a combination of a bed, desk and other custom-made furniture.

With growth, children accumulate more and more toys, clothing, books, stationery, collections and other supplies. Cabinets, bookcases, and wardrobes can be built as storage systems that fit the height of children, so that children can easily access their items.

If children have favorite cartoon characters, you can also integrate them into the bedroom design with simple elements or household items.

Children will begin to learn more about independence, so convert the original playroom into one with a bed, desk, and storage.
Giving children their own space will help them to properly mature and become children that you are proud of.
Choose to integrate their favorite cartoon characters through simple design elements and household items.

12 Years Old and Up—Adolescent Room

When preparing to enter high school, children will have more of their own possessions. Due to this, you need to consider providing a larger amount of storage space. Putting the cabinets on one specific side can not only keep the bedroom tidy, but also helps to plan the distribution of space. You can more easily designate the following areas: reading area, rest area, and wardrobe area.

At the same time, children who are getting older desire more privacy. They can form a small bedroom entrance with a cabinet, screen, etc. This not only increases storage, but also provides a little more privacy.

As children get older, they will have more things to store. Adding more storage space is something you will need to consider.
They can block off part of the room and create a smaller entryway with a wardrobe or screen.

Creating a Warm Space Provides a Good Night's Sleep

No matter what age your child is, a sense of security while sleeping is a must. Generally, warm and soft earthen colors, wood and clean white are selected as the keynotes. These are suitable for all ages and can improve the overall sense of space. The color of the wall, carpets, pillows and decorations can be changed according to the preferences of children as they grow up.

Generally, we recommend choosing earthen colors and wood for the bedroom. Mix that with white to improve the sense of space.
The color of the walls, carpet, pillows, sheets, etc. can all be changed based on the current preferences of the child.
Changes in the style are simple, just make sure you plan appropriately from the get-go.

If you are in need of custom-made furniture for your children's room, please contact us at anytime!



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