11 non-negligible points for custom-made children's beds

As a parent, watching your baby grow up daily is a pleasure, but as they grow so fast, parents have to change their daily necessities and daily diet patterns constantly. You might buy clothes, shoes or socks for a bigger size, and to achieve a balanced diet, you have to spend a little more time on the ingredients. What about the bed that the child spends most of his time sleeping on? Is it sufficient to just buy a bigger one? Stores of custom-made furniture want you to know that to change from a crib to the children's bed, there are 10 points to pay attention to!

The designer has been working in family design for 20 years. She has a 7-year-old daughter and a 3-year-old son. Since she became a mother, she has invested more time and effort in the design of children's furniture. She focuses more on its style and design. More importantly, she puts safety as top priority. She believes that when children become 2 to 3 years old, and when they can climb out of the crib, parents must give them a children's bed. Before and after the purchase, there are 11 points to pay attention to:

1). Planning of your future's needs

Think carefully about what kind of needs your children might in the next few years, preserve enough space for other items in the future.

2). Prepare the new bed with your children together.

Design and decorate the bedroom with your children and add new bed items together, reduce their fear of having a new bed, make them feel more comfortable with it.

3). Bed with multiple rounded design

Beds with a three-pointed and octagonal design may pose a danger to children. When accidents occur, it can cause both physical and mental injury to the children and parents. It is much safer to choose a multi-rounded design.

4). Add cushion to areas in which children bump into easily

Children like to jump and move around, and accidents might occur. You may want to consider placing cushion to areas of the bed where children bump into more easily, such as the headboard. This can reduce the chance of injury.

5). Add a detachable bed rail for safety

Add a detachable rail to the bedside and dismantle it when your children grow up

6). Place a floor mat on the bedside

Children always move around when they're sleeping. You might want to consider putting a floor mat next to their bed, unnecessary damages can be avoided even if they fall out of bed.

7). Plate with low formaldehyde content

In the process of making a piece of furniture, it is inevitable to use formaldehyde. As we all know, formaldehyde is harmful to our health, it has negative effects on children's respiratory system and even their intellectual development. Therefore, it is vital to select children's beds made of low-formaldehyde content.

8). Hardware and screws have to be fixed strongly enough

The plate of the bed must be made of hardware and screws. It is important to check whether the hardware and screws are firmly fixed. If there is any looseness, not only will it affect the structure of the bed, but it may cause children to eat small parts accidentally.

9). Take away dangerous objects at the bedside

Children should also pay attention to the safety in the room, especially dangerous items that can be touched or easily dropped. For example, the curtains should be pulled up to a higher position to avoid entanglement.

10). Move away the crib

If there is a new bed, it is recommended to take away the crib as soon as possible, so that the children will accept their new bed. If there is more than one choice, children tend not to accept new things.

The designer pointed out that parents are most likely to ignore their children's wishes when choosing their bed. "A lot of parents only consider the need for storage, and they tend to ignore the kind of bedroom that their children want to have." She suggested to preserve a hidden "small base", where children can place their beloved toys or have cute images printed on their furniture. These can increase their sense of belonging to their bedroom.

In addition to the touchable areas of the bed that need to be made in round edges and corners, safety should be put on top priority for everywhere else. Then, parents can be at ease while their children are sleeping on it! The combination beds provided by the family craftsmen are very diversified, and they full cater to the needs of both parents and children. The following models are the most favorite styles of our parents, what do you think?

A) Children's combination bed includes a book stand, wardrobe and bookcase, children have their own little world in it;

B) Add two clothes rail at the front and back part of the closet of the combination bed, which can accommodate two rows of clothes, this will greatly increase the storage capacity;

C) Add a small storage space to the bedside. Children can put a storybook for nighttime reading.

Some parents might be worried that their children will no longer like the existing prints after a few years. The designer said that they can tailor make the children's beds with simple design and add something special to the layout and bedding. They can be replaced at children's different stages in growth. Therefore, in terms of color and print used in the versatile and simple series of children's beds, the family craftsman has mainly used wood grain of earth tone or a light color, and decorate it with dark or bright colors. These styles are suitable to any growth stage of the children.

11) Color and formaldehyde

It's a great idea to create a colourful children's bed, but you also have to be careful when using these paints. Paint is the primary source of formaldehyde. In recent years, a new type of plate, called eco-boardhas emerged, and its formaldehyde content may reach the national E0 level. If you care about your children's health and don't want to choose an additional service to remove formaldehyde, you may consider using an eco-board to build your child's crib.

The shortcoming of using an eco-board as a children's bed is that the design is relatively simple (design photo collection on combination bed / bunk bed / double decker), only a simple contrast color brings about a delighted effect. However, it's absolutely safe.

12) Differences between custom-made and ready-made beds

There are usually two ways to buy a children's bed (combination bed or bunk bed). One is customized and the other is a ready-made one. The advantage of customizing a children's bed is that you can try different styles and compartments. There are several reasons why our clients have ordered a tailor-made combination bed.
First: They hope the upper bed can include the window sill.
Second: They don’t want the upper bed to be too high, which will block the air outlet.
Third: The room is a little longer than the bed, so after finishing the upper and lower beds, make a bedside table or a staircase cabinet, making full use of the rest of the space.
Fourth: Making a three-person bed, as there are rarely beds for 3 people on the market, they often need to be tailor-made.
Fifth: There are some ready-made, special combination beds that are hard to find. For example, a combination bed in which the upper compartment is a 4-foot bed, and the lower compartment contains other things, such as a wardrobe, storage space, TV cabinet, book stand or a single bed of other sizes, etc.

If you don't have the above-mentioned needs, you might as well consider buying a ready-made children's bed, as they're often more affordable.

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